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What to expect

What does counselling look like?

Everyone is unique, so counselling looks a little different for each person. 

A typical session will be 50 min in length.  The first time we meet it can help to arrive 10 min early in order to complete an intake form.    

We will discuss what brought you to counselling and establish what you would like to achieve during our time together.

This will be influenced by the issues you'd like to discuss, your support system, and your goals within counselling.  Ultimately what we focus on during the session is up to you.  My hope is that you will feel safe and comfortable to explore any issue. 




Robyn's Approach

With over a decade of dedicated experience in psychotherapy, Robyn holds firm to the conviction that individuals possess remarkable resilience and adaptability amidst adversities. Recognizing that adaptive mechanisms developed in response to past challenges can inadvertently hinder progress, Robyn's mission is to facilitate an exploration of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences that may presently impede personal growth. Through this introspective journey, the aim is to foster improved emotional well-being and cultivate more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

The approach to psychotherapeutic intervention is tailored to address specific concerns while aligning with individual goals. Rooted in a strength-based philosophy, interventions encompass a spectrum of techniques drawn from modalities such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, as well as Attachment and Compassion Focused Therapy.

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